Sunday, September 28, 2008

Changing times...

Im excited to be a part of the world right now!! Why is this? Its my personality to worry and fret and wonder how its all going to work out!! The world is in a changing time right now, we don't know how our economy will hold out, who will be the next President of the United States? What about prop 102! So many things to worry about!!! But for some odd reason I feel hope ,I feel strength, I feel miracles in the air! For all the bad around us, all the evil around us, I feel Heavenly Father's hand everywhere! I am proud to stand up for what is right, even if it is not the popular thing to do. As strong as Satan is,our Heavenly Father is stronger! He is giving us many opportunities for deep profound, spiritual growth! I have felt that more then ever lately! Maybe this is what we were saved for the last days to do! Can you believe we are apart of this!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You know how sometimes we laugh about something we don't have, and say "Well I didn't stand in the right line in Heaven, when they were handing that out! I was driving down the road the other day , and thought, I think I stood in the right line when they were handing out the blessings for great friends! I'm sorry to those who have struggled with friendships, I think I took yours!! I must have stood in that line a long time because, I got them for myself and then for my daughters!! I have always had good friends, I still have my precious girlfriends from the third grade, we called ourselves LW COOL, LH COOL, KG COOL, MG COOL, PO COOL!!! As you can tell we thought we were "COOL STUFF' !! It doesn't matter how long its been since we have talked, we can always go right back to where we were. Through out my life I have added more and more girl friends and have always been blessed with the very best. Words cannot describe how much I love them! Heavenly Father blessed us with girlfriends because he knew men would not be enough! Not only have I been so so blessed, So has my girls, Its crucial while your raising your children that they only have good influences. Its scary how friends can ruin everything you have worked so hard to teach your children. I have never had to worry about that !! To all who are reading this blog , you are my friends I don't take you for granted , I love you for loving me and for loving my girls!! Love infinity xoxo

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ok, lets talk about my hair in my wedding picture! This is no ordanary task to get hair like this!! To all my young readers out there I will teach you just how its done. To all my girlfriends out there who did the same doo, I say to you "what were we thinking!"So this is what I did, first I got a perm, its called a stack perm, nothing was permed on the crown of my head, that part of your hair had to be straight. Now that the fullness could be achieved, I then had to blow out the curls with a round brush, this was not easy, this project took at least an hour! Then I would either put hot rollers in or curl with a curling iron. Now, there could not be a part in your hair, the soft little fluffy curls had to go all the way around your head, to frame the face! The time involved was extensive, depending where you were going, how many guys you might see, it could take up to 3 hours of blow drying,curling, and fluffing to achieve this amazing look!!! This famous hair style was called the Farrah Fausett, if you were successful at pulling off "the look"you might be able to snag yourself a good lookin football player,I guess it worked !!I GOT MINE, I MARRIED HIM!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The infinity sign is very meaningful to my family! It has become our family symbol or stamp. When John and I were raising our five beautiful daughters, we would play the how much do I love you game. We would go through all the numbers, each of us uping the other until we would get to I LOVE YOU INFINITY! When John passed away, we had to design a head stone for his graveside. I wanted to personalize it, to somehow bring our love for him for all to see! This was a difficult process, its hard to do anything while your grieving let alone create something honorable for the man we loved and adored! It came to me clear one day, the game we use to play with the girls, our love game. That was the finishing touch it needed! So on Johns final resting place, is our love infinity stamp. So we made a vow to eachother this will be the same for all of us, the John Crum family is united in love infinity!!

P.S. the song playing is the frist song John and I ever danced to

Saturday, September 13, 2008

We can be celebrities too!

So Lexi and I had a great night of shopping where I think we came the closest to being celebrities or just living a little bit of their special kind of life...We went to FOREVER 21 on Thursday night, it was about 8:40pm, we were on the look out for a Home Coming dress, so I told Lexi run through the store, the mall closes at 9:00 just get what you can and hurry and try on. Going to find a dress for a dance can be grooling at times, if Lex could find a dress she likes at FOREVER 21, Ill kiss her all over her face, the best deals right! So were in the dressing room and 9:00 rolls by their not kicking us out, I thought wow, their not saying anything to us. Pretty soon were the only ones in the store! I asked the girl who was at this time starting to do her closing duties,when do we need to leave? She said, you can stay as long as you want, were going to be here until 11:00,you can leave through the tunnel. Well alright then, I looked at Lex and said lets shop!!So we went through the store, Lexi tried on gobs of stuff, it felt like they closed the store down just for us!! Well, for one night we felt like divas!!!By the way Lexi found more then just the dress she wants to wear, shes my baby, shes worth it!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm finally learning. . . .

I have been thinking alot lately about all these trails we live with, the Nielsons seem to be the heaviest but somehow the sweetest, but living without Dad has made me learn alot of things, I felt like I wouldnt ever have to be tested on things like faith, love sacrifice because I get it! Those things have always come alitte bit easy for me, but now I see more clear than ever. Its the degree in how we feel, my love for my family is that much deeper,where I didnt think there was a deeper love! I know Heavenly Father gives as much as we can hold and then slowly shows us more. I feel like my sences are hightend I have never felt more sorrow in my life yet, I have never felt more joy! Seeing my daughters become their divine callings as women is indescribable! Getting these Grandbabies is the greatest blessing worth waiting for!Its also the greatest blessing to finally learn from the hardest trials of life!