Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, I have blown my family away with my blog, Lexi keeps laughing at me she cant believe her eyes! As you can see by this picture of Lexi, she is quite the girl, never a dull moment when shes around. So is my blogging friends going to be mostly young moms?! WELL, if thats the case most of my posts will be geared towards you. I might share life experiences of successes and failures; maybe, just maybe, you might learn a little something from GRANDMOMMY CRUM but most of all I write for my girls and my Grand babies. They are my reason for living my pure happiness. They are what make me try hard every day to do my best. They have to be the most amazing people I know. They have all married well, I am very proud of my son in laws they take care of my girls just the way I have dreamed they would. Family is what Im all about, and Im very blessed to be the mom of my GREAT FAMILY!xoxo

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting started

I have now arrived in the twentyfirst century! And I can find others blogs to read all by myself!! I love my family and am so delighted to be the grandmommy to 5 sweet grandbabies! If you are wondering how I came up with grandmommy, I decided in 7th grade when I heard my girlfriend on the phone, and she said "I love you grandmommy" I then said to myself that will be me! Being a grandmommy is very natural, since I have been dreaming about it since junior high! So hello blogging world here I am!