Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Im not trying to brag ,or get sympathy, I just think this is worthy to talk about! My December's for the last 28 years have gone something like this.... John and I were married Dec. 20 1979 our anniversary! John's birthday Dec. 23rd. Lets have a beautiful baby girl named Nicole Marie on Dec. 17. I was due on the 23rd but the Doc said he would induce on the 17th, I took him up on the offer. The hardest birth I have ever had, no pain killers for me,( I know Im dumb!) I said, "I will have a baby on Christmas day before I ever do that again!" I didnt know I meant it... JINGLE BELLS , Alexis Lizabeth born Dec. 25th. My son in law Mike, born Dec 16th, his beautiful mother gets the credit for her fine work!! I have never wanted my loved one's to feel jipped out on life, I have tried my best to make it special , SO DONT TAKE ME ON A TALK SHOW BECAUSE YOUR SCARRED!!! All kidding aside, to all my kids with December Birthdays Thankyou for making my December's full of love. Im glad your mine, I wouldnt have it any other way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! LOve infinity xoxo

Friday, December 12, 2008


Good things are coming my way! One late night of watching T.V., I came across a motivational speaker. I dont remember his name or much of what he was talking about, but something he said has stuck with me and Im going to try to live by it for the coming year. This is what you do.... You tell yourself many times a day GOOD THINGS ARE COMING MY WAY!!! Anything and everything that comes into your life,you take a look at it and say to yourself "Oh, is this the good thing in my life?" The speaker said we miss alot of great oppertunities in our life because we just dont see them , or we are distracted by depression or sadness or just negetive self talk telling ourselves that nothing good can happen to us. So by looking at everything in a positive way and thinking good things are on the way, we will be sure to see the great oppertunities that will be coming into our life. 2009 will be a year that will have good things for all of us!!