Monday, January 12, 2009

Mother dear..

Why hello everybody! Lex here creating a post for my moms blog whom is in desperate need!! Things have been busy our way! With me and mom at home we are going every which way! Mom is always working and staying busy, trying to provide. Oh how incredible this woman is! As I get older i realize more and more how amazing she is. Our Christmas this year was awesome! I got everything that i asked Santa for! My mom is so considerate and will do whatever it takes in order to keep me happy!! For that I cant express my appreciation! She was so excited to give me my camera that she won at the work party! I have been dying for a camera and she knew just how to make my birthday!

She also got me a brand new bike!! I LOVE it! She said that it was my last christmas to be a little girl. Oh how i dont want to grow up! I want to stay in highschool and live with my mom forever!! She is truely my best friend! On New Years the family was able to go eat at the delicious LGO for breakfast! It was so yummy and fun to be with everyone!!

Me and Liv on our way to LGO!!

Also Mom loves pictures so she wanted to be creative and do her favorite model pose..We see you mother!!!!

Easton Boy was excited to go with the family to LGO! He is such a stud!!

My mom is the most incredible woman i have ever met in my life. I strive each day to be more like here. She is celestial and she endures more than i thought possible for a person. She is being made into something amazing and I am so lucky to not only be around all the time, but to also claim her as mine forever!! I love you mom and thank you for such a wonderful holiday and birthday! You are my strength in all i do and i owe everything to my sweet mama! I love you infinity!!

P.S! One of my most favorite things is to have a full tank of gas. I dont have it very often because I tend to put in a few bucks here and there. But to my suprise, I got into my car today and I had a full tank of gas! I was amazed that I had to take a picture! My mom drove my car and filled it up!! Thank you, Thank you!! Maybe i will let her drive it more often.... :)



Suz said...

Nate Mecham here, just trying to spend time with my wife while she stalks a few blogs here and there - and I decided to comment. I am a little nervous, but here goes.... I have to agree about your angel mother. She is near the top in every category known to mankind. If only there were more women like her....but wait - there are. 5 of them: you, Ali, Niki, Mandi and Lindsay. You Crum women continue to make her proud. Have a great evening.

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

lex, that was so sweet. it made me cry. then i saw nate's comment and i cried a little more. my heart is full. we have the most amazing friends and family. our mom is the greatest that ever was!

Jo Dee said...

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful woman. You can always tell a good Mom by the kids she raises, and wow she must be one amazing Mom cause look at you girls.

mandi said...

mother is best woman I know.she is so precious to me and my best friend and example.I love her so much and lex,I know she loves you without a doubt.I am so glad you are home for her to be with.I wish I could move in with you guys. I miss her like crazy ,but I know that you have a watchful eye over. I love you Lexi,you are such an amazing woman and I am so proud of all that you are. xoxo infinity

Alexa Mae said...

you are just as awesome as your sweet sweet momma! i loved this tribute. i don't know ANYONE who doesn't love your mom.
i love your new bike. and i can tell why you wanted a take AWESOME pictures!! love ya miss lex!

Mich n Dan said...

Thanks for the great post Lex, I loved reading it! It was way cute how your mom got you a bike for Christmas, I loved it. Looks like you guys had a fun new year! I love you and your whole family!

Gail said...

I love your bike Lex! and I love your tribute. You are so right...there is no one better than your mom! I'm so grateful I can call her my friend:). Happy B-day late!

The Grover's said...

Lori, I sure hope my kids feel this way about me when they are older. What a wonderful feeling to have such great daughters who love you so much. You are an amazing woman. We would all be better if we strived to be more like you.
Lexi, I thought this was so sweet of you to post this about your mom. I'm glad you girls have had such an amazing mom to strengthen you through life's trials and make you all the great women that you are. It's fun to see how much you all love and care about each other.
Love you all, Eliza

Grannie Wright said...

Lexi, this blog makes me tear up. How great for you to express this to your mom and the world. She is simply one amazing woman and a terrific example to us all. Thanks Lori for being such a great sister! Happy late B-day Lexi!!!
Love, Kath and Lo

holt family said...

What a beautiful girl you are. I hope my daughters grow to be as sweet as you. I know I have watched you from afar (next door) as you made your way through the teenage years. You should be so proud. Enjoy this great time in your life. The next few years will be so amazing and you will have such great growth. Your mom has done such a great job and your dad has got to be smiling from ear to ear. Love you sweetie!