Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother I love you, Mother I Do..

My Mama

My sweet mama is the most amazing person I have ever witnessed in my life. She is the most sweet spirited, beautiful, kind, loving mother that i wish someday to become like. She is incredible in her willingness to do what it takes to survive and to be a mother. She always puts her kids first and is always so happy and excited to help even if it isnt the funnest thing to do. Her testimony of the gospel has grown through her trials she endures and if she isnt celestial, i dont know who is. I know without a doubt that the Lord has a special place for her and is only preparing her for what glorious things are ahead. I love my mom and I want her happy always. She is all I think about, and I am amazed everyday at who she is. I often think while laying in bed how I was lucky enough to be apart of the family I am...How me, could have such an incredible mother and father and sisters that are truely my best friends. It isnt often that many people can say that. But ladies and gentleman reading..I LOVE MY FAMILY! I love them with everything i have in me. I would do anything and everything for them. They are truely my whole and I find peace in the fact that families are forever. Without my mother, i dont think any of us sisters would be who we are. She is amazing and i cant begin to thank her enough for all she does and for the person she is. She is my best friend, and will always be the most precious person in my life. 
Just an example of the unconditional love my mom has, i will tell you of a story that will stay deep in my heart. My mom and i were working at the wright house doing a food service and attending a party. I was lucky to work with my mom and we were having a great time working and being with each other. It was close to easter and my mom always gets us easter baskets and makes easter a great time for us all. well i decided i didn't want a basket but that i wanted my precious pieces of art(: instead because it was more expensive and it was to take place of the basket. Well as the day was finishing and work was finishing, my mom took me to her purse where she was giving me money for my magical pieces of art that i like to call my best friend! (haha yes i know you are all confused at what this might be but just smile and pretend you know what i am talking about) As she was giving me money she opened the envolope up of the money she had just earned from working the job we just did. She handed me over all the cash with a smile on her face and gave me extra money to go get a new shirt for easter sunday. i paused because i felt bad for taking her hard earned money. She was so willing to do whatever it took to make me happy and make me feel special. ( I know this sounds like I am very spoiled which I am, but I am not greedy and this act of kindness i will never forget). No matter what it takes, she will do whatever she can to make her children happy. For mothers day we took her to mall to try and pamper her! We wanted her to for once put us aside and to buy a fresh new outfit for HER! Yes for her! We went to the mall and was able to help her find some nice things that would help her feel beautiful on this very special day. Mother I love you, Mother I do. You are so very special to me and I love you with everything that i have. You are an incredible woman and hope you know how appreciated you are. I love you infinity.Families are forever. Happy Mothers Day!!                                                                   Love Lex

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My strength, I owe to my Mother...........

One of the ways my mother taught my brother and sisters and I, how to fight through life is through this story, she loved it. It became our anthem in life, what we hold on to, who we have all become. When I would need a pep talk to get through hard times, she would tell me this story!

A naturalist was visiting a farmer one day and was surprised to see a beautiful eagle in the farmer’s chicken coop. "Why in the world, asked the naturalist, have you got this eagle living in with the chickens?" "Well, answered the farmer, I found him when he was little and raised him in there with the chickens. He doesn’t know any better, he thinks he is a chicken." The naturalist was dumbfounded. The eagle was pecking the grain and drinking from the watering can. The eagle kept his eyes on the ground and strutted around in circles, looking every inch a big, over-sized chicken. "Doesn’t he ever try to spread his wings and fly out of there?" asked the naturalist. "No, said the farmer, and I doubt he ever will, he doesn’t know what it means to fly." "Well, said the naturalist, "let me take him out and do a few experiments with him." The farmer agrees, but assured the naturalist that he was wasting his time. The naturalist lifted the bird to the top of the chicken coop fence and said "Fly!" He pushed the reluctant bird off the fence and it fell to the ground in a pile of dusty feathers. Next, the undaunted researcher took the ruffled chicken/eagle to the farmer’s hay loft and spread it’s wings before tossing it high in the air with the command "FLY!" The frightened bird shrieked and fell ungraciously to the barn-yard where it resumed pecking the ground in search of it’s dinner. The naturalist again picked up the eagle and decided to give it one more chance in a more appropriate environment, away from the bad examples of chicken lifestyle. He set the docile bird on the front seat of his pickup truck next to him and headed for the highest butte in the country. After a lengthy and sweaty climb to the crest of the butte with the bird tucked under his arm, he spoke gently to the goldenbird. "Friend, he said, you were born to soar. It is better that you die here today on the rocks below than live the rest of your life being a chicken in a pen, gawked at and out of your element." Having said these final words, he lifted the eagle up and once more commanded it to "FLY!" He tossed it out in space and this time, much to his relief, it opened it’s seven-foot wingspan and flew gracefully into the sky. It slowly climbed in ever higher spirals, riding unseen thermals of hot air until it disappeared into the glare of the morning sun. The naturalist smiled and thought how happy he was with his days work. Like the eagle, he had for many years, let other people define his worth and direct his life for him. Like the eagle, it had taken a life and death situation for him to realize his self worth and real calling in life.

We all knew the story well, that finally, all she would have to say is YOUR AN EAGLE BY DAMN! We all have handed this story down to our children and I hope they all do the same for their children or should I say their Eagles!! I have been thinking alot about My Lexi lately, she is coming to a cross road in life, she will be graduating soon and is working hard to find a way to go to college. She is driven , I love and admire it! Lexi has concerns about leaving me and I know she worries about me, she is scared to leave me alone. We all have to become Eagles and soar, college will do that for her, it is her time! For me, it is time to spread my wings, a changing time for me too, we are not chickens, we do not put our heads is the sand, we are EAGLES! I will be fine, it will be a new chapter in life for the both of us! We have alot of liven to do!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mother dear..

Why hello everybody! Lex here creating a post for my moms blog whom is in desperate need!! Things have been busy our way! With me and mom at home we are going every which way! Mom is always working and staying busy, trying to provide. Oh how incredible this woman is! As I get older i realize more and more how amazing she is. Our Christmas this year was awesome! I got everything that i asked Santa for! My mom is so considerate and will do whatever it takes in order to keep me happy!! For that I cant express my appreciation! She was so excited to give me my camera that she won at the work party! I have been dying for a camera and she knew just how to make my birthday!

She also got me a brand new bike!! I LOVE it! She said that it was my last christmas to be a little girl. Oh how i dont want to grow up! I want to stay in highschool and live with my mom forever!! She is truely my best friend! On New Years the family was able to go eat at the delicious LGO for breakfast! It was so yummy and fun to be with everyone!!

Me and Liv on our way to LGO!!

Also Mom loves pictures so she wanted to be creative and do her favorite model pose..We see you mother!!!!

Easton Boy was excited to go with the family to LGO! He is such a stud!!

My mom is the most incredible woman i have ever met in my life. I strive each day to be more like here. She is celestial and she endures more than i thought possible for a person. She is being made into something amazing and I am so lucky to not only be around all the time, but to also claim her as mine forever!! I love you mom and thank you for such a wonderful holiday and birthday! You are my strength in all i do and i owe everything to my sweet mama! I love you infinity!!

P.S! One of my most favorite things is to have a full tank of gas. I dont have it very often because I tend to put in a few bucks here and there. But to my suprise, I got into my car today and I had a full tank of gas! I was amazed that I had to take a picture! My mom drove my car and filled it up!! Thank you, Thank you!! Maybe i will let her drive it more often.... :)


Sunday, January 4, 2009

I wanna talk about me.............

Tag.One Word Answers.
1. Where is your phone? lost
2. Where is your significant other? Heaven
3.Your hair color? blonde?
4. Your Mother? Dear
5. Your Father? Kind
6. Your favorite thing? Bed
7. Your dream last night? Nothing
8. Your dream/goal? Eternal
9. The room you're in? Office
10. Your hobby? Shopping
11. Your fear? tragedy
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? secure
13. Where were you last night? Work
14. What you're not? prompt
15. One of your wish-list items? Clothes
16. Where you grew up? Mesa
17. The last thing you ate? candy
18. What are you wearing? sweats
19. Your TV? old
20. Your pet? dead
21. Your computer? Scary
22. Your mood? Happy
23. Missing someone? Grieving
24. Your car?blessing
25. Something you're not wearing?shoes
26. Favorite store? Home Goods
27. Your Summer? Long
28. Love someone?Many
29. Your favorite color?Changes
30. When was the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Today
32. Something you crave? Pop
33. Why you blog? inspiration
I tag: Lori Smith, All my Nieces

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Im not trying to brag ,or get sympathy, I just think this is worthy to talk about! My December's for the last 28 years have gone something like this.... John and I were married Dec. 20 1979 our anniversary! John's birthday Dec. 23rd. Lets have a beautiful baby girl named Nicole Marie on Dec. 17. I was due on the 23rd but the Doc said he would induce on the 17th, I took him up on the offer. The hardest birth I have ever had, no pain killers for me,( I know Im dumb!) I said, "I will have a baby on Christmas day before I ever do that again!" I didnt know I meant it... JINGLE BELLS , Alexis Lizabeth born Dec. 25th. My son in law Mike, born Dec 16th, his beautiful mother gets the credit for her fine work!! I have never wanted my loved one's to feel jipped out on life, I have tried my best to make it special , SO DONT TAKE ME ON A TALK SHOW BECAUSE YOUR SCARRED!!! All kidding aside, to all my kids with December Birthdays Thankyou for making my December's full of love. Im glad your mine, I wouldnt have it any other way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! LOve infinity xoxo

Friday, December 12, 2008


Good things are coming my way! One late night of watching T.V., I came across a motivational speaker. I dont remember his name or much of what he was talking about, but something he said has stuck with me and Im going to try to live by it for the coming year. This is what you do.... You tell yourself many times a day GOOD THINGS ARE COMING MY WAY!!! Anything and everything that comes into your life,you take a look at it and say to yourself "Oh, is this the good thing in my life?" The speaker said we miss alot of great oppertunities in our life because we just dont see them , or we are distracted by depression or sadness or just negetive self talk telling ourselves that nothing good can happen to us. So by looking at everything in a positive way and thinking good things are on the way, we will be sure to see the great oppertunities that will be coming into our life. 2009 will be a year that will have good things for all of us!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis The Season....

Now that we are in the Christmas Season, what does it mean to you? We as mothers have alot on our shoulders! Making Christmas magic for our famlies is hard work! Have you ever rushed to the store on Chrismas Eve because you found that it wasnt fair for every child, it has to be the same amount for everyone! Not only do we worry about our famlies but its neighbor gifts, teacher gifts, friend gifts! I have to admit sometimes I start to get anxiety when the holidays approach. I have had to take a hard look at myself and say Why? I have decided not to be so hard on myself, its not that Im forgetting the true meaning of Christmas, I have worked so hard to teach my children just that! Christmas is a time to show everyone around us how much we love them, its not by the size of the gift or how much we spend but it is to show our love, giving something! So I say of course its natural to feel anxiety and worry alittle on how we can pull of the perfect Christmas! LOVE is hard work, we as women are making memories. We all have to find what works best for us and our famlies. I am ever grateful for the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, the true meaning of Christmas. why we work so hard to feel his spirit while we truly serve our famlies, teachers, neighbors, friends! I love the feeling of giving!!! Love infinity xoxo